Unit focused on partial or full outsourcing of the client’s internal/external recruitment process (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)


Our Strengths

Diagnosis of the client’s structure and understanding their needs, design the optimal structure for ongoing or partially support by Hiring.

• Assistance in a consultative process in reshaping the R & S process, strategies and internal policies, communication, compensation policy, with facts and figures to the discussions for creating a business case for change.

• Developing of a client’s talent pool to promote the concept of employer branding, reducing the time of hiring and increasing the quality of candidates.

Skilled and flexible structure allowing better management of recurrent or spot demand, be it in getting new contracts, expanding new facilities and eventual demobilization of part of the staff.

Explore our solutions for specific projects:

=>Hiring  Project-Based Team - team of experts dedicated to a spot project.

=>Hiring  Recruitment Center - dedicated structure to contribute to only part of the process: • screening • scheduling and preparing candidates for the selection process • admission • specific queries of a given pool of candidates • empowerment and leadership of recruiters and managers in identifying the most appropriate candidates along the steps.