Hiring’s business unit specialized in the organizati-
on and implementation of all stages of the selection process for interns and trainees, conside-
ring a spot position, programs or summer jobs .

Our Strengths

• National coverage and local partners in case of concentration of positions in certain regions.

Partnership with technical and graduation schools.

• Program structuring and development of activities, tests and tailor made cases together with the client.

Dedicated team to attracting candidates and management reports, leveraging the number of applications and ensuring efficient management of indicators.

• Attraction with emphasis on the values ​​of our client through social networks and online partners, providing an assertive capture and directed to the target audience.

• We work proactively with the talent pool concept. By mapping the needs of market, we develop strategies of continuous attraction, anticipating ourselves and attracting the best talents.

Innovative tools to validate technical and behavioral profiles.