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The best solution in recruitment and selection for all levels

For 3 consecutive years selected as one of the Top Headhunting Providers in the market, with global operation and 5 business units, we have different cases of success in talent acquisition and a base with thousands of qualified CVs.

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Innovative selection process for interns and trainees

To recruit technical or university talents, we look for where they are: colleges, alumni networks and digital channels. For this we have partnerships with several colleges and we are present in the media with a focus on young audiences.

We use innovative tools to validate technical and behavioral profiles such as Business Game, tests and cases done in a personalized and remote way. All this so that candidates can adhere to the values ​​of our customers.

Check out some of our differentials:

- Team with expertise in recruiting and selecting interns and trainees.
- Development of hotsite and exclusive channels for the programs.
- Assertive schedule and contingency plan aligned with the strategy.
- Assertiveness in the processes (closing 20% ​​more openings in the programs).

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Your company more competitive with specialized professionals

To hire for support and first management positions, we offer a full assessment that takes into account soft and hard skills, conducted by a specialized and trained team.

Our talent base has thousands of professionals validated by our team to serve the clients within an exceptional deadline.

We conduct continued qualification and formation of talent pool with specific profiles or high turnover. This way, we ensure a wide, solid and agile comparison base.

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Team dedicated to massified projects and technology positions

Through online tools and processes, we care for the high level of assertiveness in the assessments and hires in the national and international levels.

Mapping of target candidates through partner sites and support from Business Intelligence with capillarity and agility;

Structuring of the client’s talent base, reducing the hiring time and ensuring the quality of candidates.

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Inclusion of minorities in all levels of the organization

Valuing the differences and promoting diversity is part of our values. For this reason, we have an unit focused on helping improve the organizations and the world!

The representativeness of women in the work market and leadership positions, the inclusion and incentive to careers of People with Disabilities in companies, as well as of other minorities, such as black and grown people and the LGBTQI+ public, are part of this plan.

To support our R&S team, we have partnerships with groups and NGOs dedicated to the inclusion of minorities in the work market.

We have a database of CVs assessed by our experts to accelerate the hiring process.

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Leadership and results that make the difference

With clear understanding of the organizational mission and culture, we search and map executives based on their key competences and history of accomplishments.

Attraction and market mapping are conducted in specific channels, always aiming at searching for qualified, motivated professionals engaged with new challenges and delivery.

Innovative assessment tools that help in the final decision process for the candidates under different perspectives. The finalist candidates are also submitted to a detailed and thorough background check.

Strong consulting operation in all process phases, advising clients about their challenges and expansion and succession models.

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Career Advice

For companies aiming at contributing with the outplacement of their employees

The Career Advice has the goal of preparing the professional for outplacement to the work market

Themes such as alignment of expectations, guidance about CV and profile on social media, self-knowledge assessment, positioning in interviews, and market relationship strategy will be addressed in five meetings

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